I am starting a new adventure. I am taking my joy and passion of photography one step further. And after taking some time to think my life over and as well thinking about what to do next in my life. I have decided to start JPeg Image Photography. A photographic service specializing in portrait and event photography.

I have decided to start a photography company. I am excited to start this new venture, and I hope that it does go well. I had thought to take my passion for the art of photography and expand on it to the next level. To be totally honest, I am not sure what the overall outcome will be. If I will be successful or not. But I will never know unless I try. And that is all a person can do “just try and make the best attempt.”

JPeg Image Photography will cover the world of photography. And as well post articles on things such as tips and tricks, personal product reviews. And as well give insight and some back story to some of my photography work. And of course it will post and highlight my personal photography.

JPeg Image Photography is a photographic service specializing in portrait and event photography where I plan on working with future clients to help make the special memories of their lives last forever. Whether it be for portraits, headshots, special occasions, or just some time spent in front of the camera creatively; I will help clients capture these special moments. In time I also plan on specializing on photo documentation of an individuals personal effects and property for insurance purposes for when insurance claims are filed after a crises.

I am planning on accepting clients in Mid-September, if you are interested in booking your free consultation. Or would like to know more about JPeg Image Photography. You can contact JPeg Image Photography via this link.:

For people that do have an interest or passion for photography, please feel free to follow my new website.: . And as well feel free to follow the blog portion of JPeg Image Photography. For the latest news, blog post and insights/my thoughts about photography.

You can also follow me on Twitter at.:

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