While testing some new camera equipment, I came across some interesting street art that was in the area of DUMBO Brooklyn. If you are not familiar with the general area, DUMBO stands for “Down Underneath Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” The name says it all… For it is underneath the Manhattan bridge and the general area around it. On the Brooklyn side of the bridge that goes over the East River into Manhattan.

I found these items quite unique and interesting, and thought to share just a few of the photos with everyone. DUMBO is an area full of random street art by local artist that use various locations to display their work. It gives the neighborhood a personality all it own.

Plus for me they made good test subjects for I was testing new camera equipment. Below are the photos of what I have discovered during my travels within the neighborhood.

The photos were taken with a Canon EOS 600 D camera (Known in North America as the Rebel T3I.)

In case you are wondering what was I testing.

The item that was tested was the Canon zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS II macro 1.1m/3.6ft. With a Hoya HMC UV 58mm lens filter.

If you click on any of the images below, you will be able to see the carousel view and full details of the photos. As well you will be able to comment, reblog or like a particular photo.


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