At times in photography and as in life in general, one has to grow and adapt with the changing times. This is one of those moments for me. So I had finally decided after multiple and countless times of saying “no” to start a Facebook page.

JPeg Image Photography Facebook page.

JPeg Image Photography Facebook page.

Along with my other social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. I am now using Facebook to reach out and connect with everyone. I will post via my Facebook page photography news, and inform every one of new blog posts.

And as well showcase my newest photographs, share insight and details of how the photo came to be. Along with sharing tips and tricks to help out people starting out in photography, and as well inform all that like or follow my page on Facebook. Updates as to when I post new photos to my Flickr account too.

As well I may post special deals on photography services via my Facebook page.

After reading this post, feel free to go to my new Facebook page and show your support by posting a “like” to my new page, and as well feel free to post your comments too.

You can also see my Facebook like badge on the lower right of my website which will also take you directly to my new page as well.

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