I had once said in a past blog post that “Technology is very much like human evolution; it changes and develops into something more advance than the previous form.” And the same goes for business whether it be photography or in any other field. For one has to grow and adapt with the changing times.

This is one of those moments of digital evolution.

As of today Wednesday February 19, 2014 you can now pay for photography services, or make a donation directly from my website

Payments and donations are supported by Paypal, as you all know Paypal is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.

By going to my website and if you take a look at the right-sidebar on the home page, and scroll down midway. You will see the Paypal payment/donation links.


From there you can click the “Buy Now” button and it will take you to the Paypal website at to continue and finalize the purchase transaction. Once at the Paypal website it will ask the customer for the purchase price for what is listed as “Photography Services.” You would then input the price that you had agreed to during a free consultation that you had scheduled earlier.

Because every client is an individual I offer specialized packages for each client based on their needs during a consultation.

For Donations:

If you wish to make a donation as a way to support me, and the art of photography.

You can click the “Donate” button and from there it will take you to the Paypal website as well to finalize your donation transaction too.

As a freelance photographer I purchase all my photography equipment “out of pocket” and I don’t pass such costs to any clients or potential customers. As a way to keep my prices low and affordable to anyone who wishes to use my photography services.

I’d like to stay self-sufficient and not become a burden to anyone, which is why I’m asking for assistance in the simple form of a donation.

Thank you everyone for all your support and for taking the time to read this.

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