“Every now and then, it helps to slow down and think through the process.” – Analog Film

Author unknown.

The above quote about analog (film) photography was something that I discovered during one of my random Internet searches. I could not even tell you where I discovered this at; I double-checked my web browser history and my social media sites. And I had no luck in finding it again.

But apparently when I did discovered this quote; it caught my attention enough to write it down in my photo journal. My photo journal is where I normally write down totally random thoughts of ideas and various photography notes as reference. For me my photo journal is part of my creative process.

For the record I do enjoy film photography, “analog photography” as it’s called nowadays. Personally I think I don’t do enough of it.

Something about the quote not sure what exactly, just pulled me into it. And after some thought I had decided that now would be a good time to give my website a makeover.

I really wanted to give my website a fresh new look while as well making it appealing to showcase my photography work. I am quite happy with the way the website looks now, and I think that my current followers and as well new followers and visitors to my website and blog will think the same as well. Below are the details of the new changes that you will be seeing when you visit.

Besides the new look, the gallery and favorites tabs have been updated with new photos. And a new biography page has been added. The data bar on the right side of my website has been rearranged for a more organized look and feel. Plus all images on the data bar that show my Instagram and Flickr feed have been properly framed and placed.

The blog page now only shows one blog post (the most current post) at a time. And you will be able now to rate each new blog post via its five-star rating method. All other/older post can be read and reviewed via the “recent post” section or by using the search bar. (I did this in order to cut down on lag time for loading onto ones web browser.)

You can see the new and updated pages at.



https://jpegimagephotography.com/gallery/ — (If you click on any of the images on the gallery page, it opens up a carousel view that shows photo details and meta data and allows for comments. That’s another new item as well.)

I do hope that everyone enjoys the new look of my website. I guess now that it has a new look, I have a new reason to photograph the world.

Thanks for visiting me today.



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